About US

Sugapack was established in 1977 was known under the name Tomo LDA, the core product at that time was coffee
and as a side product Tomo sold sugar sachets.

In 1997 the company changed their name to Sugapack and also the core product, what it is nowadays portion packs
like sugar sachet and sticks. In short time Sugapack in short time Sugapack expanded with 4500t of packed sugar
to one of the largest packaging companies in Portugal, Sugapack supplies companies like Nutricafés and Tate & Lyle
and export portion packs to England, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In 2006 Sugapack exapanded the product range and started to produce icing sugar and augar light.
Sugapack is working exlusivly with the printing company EMBA all products get printing with eco-friendly water colours.

Executives: Miguel Mendes, Susana Mendes
Co-workers: 18
Production-site: Alenquer/Portugal
Brand portfolio (abridgement): Nutricafés, Tate & Lyle, Lypton